Pat Goebel

Members from L to R: Pat Goebel, Sam Easley, Loren Bates, Tim Proctor.

Photo by Gustavo Rapoport.

1985 - 2015

Glacier 80's US Metal


The "Glacier" EP (1985, Axe Killer 7015) includes this 80's US Metal Classic: "Vendetta" (Easley, Goebel, Proctor, 6:08)

Paris, June 1985

500 copies of the five-song EP by Portland, OR hard rock band, Glacier go on sale to the European market.

Portland, OR, April 2015

Glacier's EP, "Glacier," has become a rare collectors item. Members of Glacier form a corporation to manage the band's musical assets.

Thus, Glacier Holdings LLC was born.



Glacier Holdings LLC